Climate change video

This climate change video was created to as an education tool to highlight climate change adaptation strategies in Africa, and how they are being implemented by Future Climate for Africa (FCFA), a research and development programme that uses scientific knowledge to predict the impact of climate change in Africa.

I was hired by Soapbox Films to create the video below, which explains how climate change is affecting Africa economically and environmentally, and what FCFA are doing in an attempt to solve these issues.
My roles for this project included concept design, storyboarding, illustration and animated video production.

Future Climate For Africa video above, and style frames and illustrations below

Illustration of a caucasian female scientist looking at a digital tablet
A detailed illustrated map of Africa showing economic development
A dark skinned male scientist kneeling down sharing climate change adaptation strategies with female farmers in Africa
Male scientist sharing climate change adaptation strategies with female farmers in Africa.
Rural African lake village illustration
Illustration of Scientists at a water treatment plant in Africa
Dark skinned lady scientist in a crop field analysing climate change adaptation strategies in Africa
Research scientists working on climate change adaptation strategies in a laboratory
Two ladies pickling tea on a plantation in Kenya


Illustration, animation and video production – Jonathan Whelan Creative Consulting
Creative direction, script and sound effects – Soapbox films
Client: Soapbox films for FCFA

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