Natural language processing video

This natural language processing video was created for Converlens, an Australian based technology company. The innovative software they have created uses natural language processing technology to analyse and transform data into meaningful insights. The software is so simple and intuitive that nearly anyone can use it without needing to be an analyst.

I was hired by, and collaborated with, Sherpa Brand and Design to create the video below. My primary roles included: Concept, script, illustration, animation, sound design and final video edit.

A man with a magnifying glass analysing and measuring data
Analysing and measuring data

Video: How using natural language processing technology can help deliver insights

A man sitting at his desk buried under a mountain of paperwork
Buried under a mountain of paperwork
A lady talks on the phone while people go about their own business and a man is trying to get their attention
Trying to get the attention of your audience is tough in a distracted world
A lady holding a mobile phone surrounded by data that has been delivered via natural language processing technology
Surrounded by data

Project Credits:

Illustration, animation, script writing, sound design and video production – Jonathan Whelan Creative Consulting
Client: Sherpa Brand and Design Agency for Converlens

A man viewed from the screen point of view using natural language technology
Data analysis

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