Stem cell donation video

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How stem cell donation works

The Sunflower Fund is a blood stem cell donor recruitment agency based in South Africa. They assist patients in need with the fight against blood diseases. I was hired to create an educational video that explained how the stem cell donation process works. The video was used as an educational tool to inform people about blood diseases such as Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Aplastic Anaemia and Sickle Cell Disease. The video goes into detail about the effects blood diseases have on the immune system and the important work the Sun Flower Fund does to recruit and connect potential blood donors with patients, and importantly how the blood stem cell donation procedure works.

Blood stem cell donor swab test

Happy donor doing “the floss”

Stem cell donation video

Style frames and illustrations

Father and daughter between the ages of 18 and 45 relaxing.
Father and Daughter Style Frame
Weighing a body
Weight style frame
Doctor and blood stem cell patient interacting
Doctor patient interaction
blood stem cell donation process
Blood stem cell donation
Weak immune system
Weak immune system
Stem cell donor
Metaphor of a stem cell donor saving the patient’s life

On this project I was responsible for taking the written script and transforming it into an engaging visual concept.

My services included:
• Storyboard
• Custom illustration
• Motion graphics and animation
• Editing and sound effects

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