5G animated explainer video

Animated gifs created from scene in the full explainer video shown below.

The 5G animated explainer video for Comsol 5G

Project requirements:
I was hired to conceptualise and create a simple, modern, 5G animated explainer video for Comsol 5G. My tasks included developing a look and feel, storyboard and illustrations and translate them into motion graphics and animations for social media posts, and more importantly a 35 second pre-roll video explaining Comsol 5G’s features and benefits.

Illustration Details and style guides:

5G animated explainer video artificial intelligence Illustrations
Artificial Intelligence illustrations
5G animated explainer video isometric modern farm and smart city illustrations
Agricultural Technology and Smart Cities of the Future
5G animated explainer video self-driving car illustration
Self-Driving Car
Remote medical treatment graphic
Remote medical treatment.
Business professional
Business professional
Comsol video storyboard
Comsol video storyboard

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