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Jonathan Whelan

Sport and spine brand identity design

attractive woman doing yoga

This sport and spine brand identity was designed for Satura Mountain, Sport and Spine, an innovative health & wellness clinic specialising in chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage treatments. I was hired by, and collaborated with DIFRNT to design the brand identity, website and other digital collateral. Credits: Graphic, logo and website design – Jonathan Whelan Creative

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Using natural language processing technology

A lady talking on the phone and ignoring a man trying to get her attention

Converlens is an Australian based technology company. The innovative software they have created is using natural language processing technology to analyse, and transform data into meaningful insights. The software is so simple and intuitive that nearly anyone can use it without needing to be an analyst. I was hired by, and collaborated with, Sherpa Brand

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Climate change adaptation strategies in Africa

A dark skinned female scientist analysing data in a crop field in Africa

Climate change adaptation strategies in Africa are being implemented by Future Climate for Africa (FCFA), a research and development programme using scientific knowledge to predict the impact of climate change in Africa. I was hired by Soapbox Films to create the video below, which explains how climate change is affecting Africa economically and environmentally, and

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How blood stem cell donation works

The Sunflower Fund is a blood stem cell donor recruitment agency based in South Africa. They assist patients in need with the fight against blood diseases. I was hired to create an educational video that explained how the stem cell donation process works. The video was used as an educational tool to inform people about blood

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InsurePet brand identity and marketing

InsurePet Featured Image

Background:InsurePet is an online portal specialising in pet insurance comparisons, and advice.  Objective:My task was to create and develop a brand identity with supporting collateral, which included: A 15 second You Tube in-stream ad, brand assets, conceptualizing and creating marketing and direct mail collateral, icons as well as a responsive landing page. If you’ve reached this low down in

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Hemel-En-Aarde gin label design

Hemel En Aarde Gin Featured Image

This Hemel-En-Aarde gin label design was created for Hermanus Brewery in Cape Town South Africa. It is a hand-crafted alcoholic spirit, produced near the coastal fishing village of Hermanus in South Africa. “Hemel En Aarde” is the Afrikaans translation of “Heaven and Earth”. It is the name given to the valley in the Overberg region. I was tasked

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Comsol 5G explainer video

Comsol 5G Featured Image

Project requirements:Create simple, modern, illustrations and translate them into motion graphics for social media posts, and a 35 second pre-roll video explaining Comsol 5G’s features and benefits. Illustration Details and style guides: Go on, share it… You know you want to.

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CreateWith.Net Brand Identity

Create With CC Featured Image

Background:Create With CC is a digital creative hub that supports emerging digital product development. Objective:My task was to create and develop a brand identity with supporting collateral that included a 1 minute animated explainer video, illustrations, brand assets, icons and a responsive landing page. The Concept:Because Create With CC is a company responsible for incubating, nurturing and facilitating software

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Heritage Day Animated Video

Heritage Day Featured Image

Project overview:Heritage Day is celebrated on the 24th of September in South Africa. The country’s leading international health club chain, Virgin Active, hired me to illustrate and animate a short announcement video. I developed the project based on the script and storyboard I was provided. The concept involved showcasing the population in South Africa and

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Virgin Active Annual Report: Sustainability


The brief:I was tasked with creating an annual report for Virgin Active South Africa’s Changing Business for Good department. The purpose of this report was to provide an account of the previous year’s sustainability figures and accomplishments in an interesting way. Go on, share it… You know you want to.

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Richard Branson Anatomy Poster

Anatomy Poster Featured Image

I was hired by Virgin Active to illustrate and design a poster, using an anatomical cross section of Richard Branson. To add whimsy and brand awareness to a typically clinical space, the interior designer, who was inspired by the sculptures of renowned artist Jason Freeny, commissioned this quirky illustration to be displayed in the biokineticist’s consultation rooms situated in

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Mandela Day Birthday Animation

Mandela Day Birthday Featured Image

Mandela Day is a global celebration and the birthday of Nelson Mandela. I was given the opportunity (and honour) of creating this tribute video for Madiba (Nelson Mandela) and Sir Richard Branson’s joint birthday.  The brief:To combine simple animation and kinetic type to tell the story of how Nelson Mandela (Former South African President) and Sir

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Tagumi Investments Rebrand

Tagumi Featured Image

The Brief:Tagumi Investments, an investment holding company based in Zimbabwe Africa, tasked Jonathan Whelan Creative Consulting, to come up with a fresh look and feel for their brand. The client’s one important wish was to include a lion motif, a legacy icon carried over from the company’s inception. As a family owned business, the partners wanted the updated icon

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Smart Club Video

Smart Club Featured Image

Project requirements:The first requirement of the brief was to create a small set of custom animated icons which would need to be animated in an interesting transition style. They needed to communicate the unique features of what would be named a “Smart Club”. These icons would be used in a variety of media, such as digital

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Riot Beer label redesign

Riot Beer Thumbnail

Riot Beer tasked us with redesigning their range of beer labels. They are a local Cape Town (South Africa) craft beer brewery. The brief was simply to be bold and loud with a twist. The previous labels were getting lost between all the competitor’s labels, and the client needed their brand to stand out, be loud and proud while still maintaining its rock ‘n roll edge and having an air of sophistication. My solution was to add hidden details in the patterns and subtle illustrations to reinforce the history behind the brand, but at the same time keeping the design clean, contemporary and simple.

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Surround yourself with greats at a dribbble meetup

If you ever want to improve your business or update your skills, it always helps to surround yourself with people who are have better skills or knowledge that you do.

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Brandhouse internal communication

The brief: We were tasked by brandhouse to review the existing internal communications and come up with an easier and more effective and entertaining internal programme for them. Objectives: Get staff interacting more Stimulate engagement Access to real-time updates Creative solution: The brandhouse internal communication programme was named “b-star”. I completely redesigned their internal communication look and feel.

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Old Mutual Customer engagement

Old Mutual Customer Engagement. An integrated customer relationship marketing campaign targeted to select Old Mutual customers.

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Obrigado magazine cover

  I was given the great opportunity to illustrate the cover for a magazine that I am a huge fan of. Obrigado is the in-store culture publication for a national chain of very popular Vida e caffe coffee establishments. The brief: To design a bright colourful cover that reflects summer and is well aligned to

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