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Info graphic

ICT for Ag info graphic poster design
ICT for Ag info graphic Web 2.0 Poster design
ICT for Ag info graphic mobile poster design
info graphic cellphone tree design
info graphic cellphone tree design

ICT info graphic objective

CTA international held an agricultural ICT conference during November 2013 in Rwanda, Africa. My brief was to create 3 info graphic poster designs. The only limitations were that we had to adhere to the corporate colours and keep the imagery simple a clear.

The result

The graphic direction I came up with was a very simplified and stylised look, inline with all the other assets designed for the ICT for Ag conference. The imagery was clean and easy to digest, and were cohesive with all the conference material.

In the end the final product was printed onto large vinyl banners, posters and also used in Powerpoint presentations.

Here are some links to CTA international and the ICT4ag international ICT conference:

CTA international:

Client: ICT4ag international ICT conference:

Agency: Hero Strategic Marketing

Art direction design and illustrations: Jonathan Whelan