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The Noakes Foundation Brand Identity


Noakes Foundation Business Card

Business Card

Jonathan Whelan Creative Consulting was commissioned by The Noakes Foundation, a Public Benefit Organisation in South Africa, to design their corporate brand identity.
Founded by Professor Tim Noakes, they aim to advance medical science’s understanding of the benefits of a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet by providing evidence-based information on optimum nutrition. Their research is free from a commercial agenda.

Noakes Foundation Logo Animation


The spiral metaphor

The ‘spiral’ motif shows seeds in a circular motion. The seeds appear to be spreading from the centre outwards, but at the same time they also seem to gravitate towards themselves. This demonstrates the funding procedure and exchange of knowledge in The Noakes Foundation.
The spiral is shown to be moving left to right giving us a feeling of momentum. The ‘sun’ shape that is created by the motif depicts prosperity and positive change



Noakes Foundation Logos

Noakes Foundation Mono Logos

Brand Colours


Primary colour palette

These warm colours were inspired by the the Southern African landscape and natural surroundings. They have close relationships to fire, passion, earth, celestial beauty and the universe.


Noakes Foundation Fonts


Noakes Foundation Logos



These icons have been specifically designed to represent the elements of a healthy diet:


Noakes Foundation Direct Mail

Noakes Foundation Banners

Noakes Foundation Stationery

Noakes Foundation Apparel

Noakes Foundation Book Cover

Healthy Eating Book Cover

Noakes Foundation Pattern Design




Shape patterns

These are created using the spiral motif from the logo. They are a decorative element and can be used to add texture to collateral designs.

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