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Tagumi Investments Rebrand

Tagumi Foil Logo

The Brief:
Tagumi Investments, an investment holding company based in Zimbabwe Africa, tasked Jonathan Whelan Creative Consulting, to come up with a fresh look and feel for their brand. The client’s one important wish was to include a lion motif, a legacy icon carried over from the company’s inception. As a family owned business, the partners wanted the updated icon to represent strength and their positioning of “A clear vision” in a unique way. This look had to be translated onto all applications, including interiors, apparel, vehicles, print and digital.

The Solution:
To demonstrate strength, integrity and the intricate details of the holding companies clear vision and multiple divisions, I chose to use the concept of Origami. By taking a simple flimsy piece of paper and folding it in the form of a lion, we see how the paper transforms into a  strong bond with a beautiful end result.

Tagumi logos
Tagumi before and after
Concept sketches – left. Old logo – right.
Tagumi Offices Bag
Tagumi stationery
Tagumi signage
Tagumi meeting rooms
Tagumi CI elements
Tagumi fabric print icons
Company badges
Direct mail concept
Crate logo application
Branded apparel
Truck branding
Tagumi website laptop
Tagumi webpage designs
Tagumi responsive webpage designs
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