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Stop talking and start doing

Stop talking and start doingStop talking and start doing. This became my mantra a long time ago. I think it was also Walt Disney who said “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”.

Very often I find that I have ideas about doing a thing, like learning a new skill , drawing more or sorting and doing something with the 40 000 photographs I have taken. Perhaps it’s turning one of the many random doodles I’ve produced into something amazing. More often than not I just talk about it, but nothing ever gets done. Life gets in the way, work consumes our time and lowers our energy reserves which ultimately frustrates us into a creative funk.

It may seem very obvious to most people, but Walt was right. When you just jump in and start doing a thing you learn new ways of doing things. You make mistakes along the way and they teach you also.

I have also found that doing something that is different to what you do every day is also a great way to unlock a part of the brain that doesn’t normally get used. I am by no means a writer, but I have found that putting down some of these random thoughts have become fun and therapeutic and although they take effort after a long day I actually look forward to doing it. It is also a great way to spark fresh thinking on jobs that I am working on. Often doing something totally unrelated to a paying job actually assists in the way I tackle the latter. It’s activating a part of the brain I don’t normally use everyday.

It has made me want to commit to something every day to the point that I am actually becoming more observant which is directly contributing to my awareness of the world around me and also assisting in my creative process. Win win!

To sum up. We shouldn’t just talk about setting aside a special structured time to be creative. To coin a famous phrase, we must “just do it”

Here is a video that illustrates a cool creative creed that I like to follow. I have actually pasted this to my Wacom as a reminder of what I should be doing everyday.

29 ways to stay creative

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