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Obrigado magazine cover

Obrigado cover


I was given the great opportunity to illustrate the cover for a magazine that I am a huge fan of. Obrigado is the in-store culture publication for a national chain of very popular Vida e caffe coffee establishments.

The brief:
To design a bright colourful cover that reflects summer and is well aligned to the Vida brand, it’s culture, values and is fun with a dash of edgy. See further down the page for my rationale.



The Lost World of Obrigado”, as I like to call it,  is a summer island resort or location that was not discovered until it rose up from a Lego baseplate one day. I aimed to create a mystical unchartered Inca (coffee origin) look and feel, while still keeping it bright and cheerful. Why Lego? Because it is one of the most colourful items that came to mind. It was unexpected and quirky. Hey,  Lego people need a getaway too, even if “Everything is awesome” to them. I have included some custom wallpapers at the bottom of this post. Enjoy them. Obrigado!


Download Wallpapers:

I have created some lego wallpapers to fit most popular screen sizes. Use the links below these thumbnails that best suit your screen.

Screen sizes:
1920px x 1080px  |  1280px x 800px   |  1024px x 768px  | 2048 x 2048 (iPad Retina)

If you download these wallpapers you agree that it is for personal use only and will not be reused or resold in any way. The work on this site is original and licensed to me. And I am being kind and sharing it with you. So please be fair and play nice.

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