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CTA international held an agricultural ICT conference during November 2013 in Rwanda, Africa. My brief was to create 3


The graphic direction used on all the conference elements for the ICT4ag conference was a very simplified and stylised look. When I set out to create the look and feel for the info graphic posters I took note of this. I tried to keep the imagery simple, clean and without a lot of detail, so that they would not look out of place alongside the other conference collateral.


This proved to be a successful direction as the artwork was very well received as it clearly highlighted the ICT4ag main topics. I also designed and illustrated each topic as a separate item so that the layout could be rearranged easily when adapting it for other sizes and formats.


I began by sifting through the headlines, copy and figures supplied to me by my writer. I conceptualised each illustration before sketching them all out on layout paper first. This is my usual process when I work on any job really. After finessing each illustration on paper I worked digitally using Adobe Illustrator to create the finished graphics. With a little colour adjustment I set out to add the typography and plan the layout and compose all the elements.


A challenging part of the layout was ensuring that certain illustrations and topics which needed to be grouped together were well balanced in the layout. The composition needed to be good and I couldn’t  allow the communication to be compromised by scaling elements to simply fit in the space. Each item’s communication importance was considered when I scaled them up or down.


In the end the final product was printed onto large vinyl banners, posters and also used in presentations.

Here are some links to CTA international and the ICT4ag international ICT conference:

CTA international:

CTA4ag (conference):



Client: ICT4ag international ICT conference:

Agency: Hero Strategic Marketing ( I am employed here currently)

Art direction design and illustrations: Jonathan Whelan


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