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Heritage Day Animated Video

Heritage Day Style Guide
Style guide and custom character illustrations

Project overview:
Heritage Day is celebrated on the 24th of September in South Africa. The country’s leading international health club chain, Virgin Active, hired me to illustrate and animate a short announcement video. I developed the project based on the script and storyboard I was provided.
The concept involved showcasing the population in South Africa and how their gym members are equally diverse, as they join together to train and improve their health on a daily basis. Making every day “Heritage Day” at Virgin Active. The background colour palette was inspired by those found in the national flag.

Some of the Gifs  and vector artwork included in the final video above were created to be used in social media. These were cut from scenes in the 45 second video.
Heritage Day Style Guide 2
Style guide and custom character illustrations
Heritage Day Pencil Sketched
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