Hero advent calendar virtual tour

The Virtual Advent Calendar
The idea behind this year-end client holiday greeting was to showcase as many of our talents as possible. We combined illustration and web animation with some clever writing to bring clients a virtual tour of all the Hero agency staff and supply them with a new humorous tip each day leading up to Christmas, while also giving them a sneak peek into our bustling agency.

Hero Laptop


I used the cut-away style of showing the agency in an almost literal demonstration of a slice of life. The creatives and developers were deliberately placed downstairs as a tongue in cheek demonstration of the internal office joke about hierarchies (we don’t have hierarchies).

I created each illustration to reflect the staff member’s personality trait or job function in a light-hearted manner.


You can appreciate this work on my Behance profile by clicking on this link:


Or you can view a demo here:

Link to the virtual tour: http://www.hero.co.za/virtualhq/