Che Shale Kiteboarding Kitemasters 2013

Kiteboarding is an amazing sport and each year Che Shale in Kenya, East Africa, holds an international Kiteboarding contest in aid of the Watamu Turtle Trust. My involvement in this event over the past 3 or 4 years has been to design the official logo or event graphic. The graphic is used to obtain sponsorship and create awareness about the event. We usually use it in posters, t-shirts and banners. It is also used in digital marketing and social media as banners and emailers. I am honoured to be asked to design for such a worthy cause each year. Here are a few examples of the 2013 look and feel and some applications and event photos.

kiteboarding poster

Kitemasters kiteboarding contest poster

black poster

Black poster detail


Details of the typographic treatment

Details of the typographic treatment


Agency: Emdash

Art Director: Jonathan Whelan

Designer: Jonathan Whelan

Illustrator: Jonathan Whelan