Che Shale Corporate identity

I was commissioned by the owners of Che Shale in Kenya to redesign their corporate identity. The brand needed to display an upmarket image as it would be competing with other resorts in a very exclusive market.

I drew inspiration from some of the indigenous Kenyan plants found at Che Shale. It is a beautiful tropical paradise and it was important to create a visual image that reflected the flora as well as the sunsets and peaceful experience you would obtain when staying there. The image also needed to be simple enough to tell this story when used as an icon on Facebook and Twitter, which are vital marketing sources to their growing international clientele.

Che Shale has  won the Tripadvisor ‘Best Service’ award for the past three years and is ranked at number 2 for hotels in Malindi, Kenya.

Che Shale LogoChe Shale Business Card




Logo before and after





Che Shale Corporate Identity System




Che Shale Packaging



Che Shale Soap




iPhone and icon set


Client: Che Shale Kenya

Agency: Emdash

Art Director: Jonathan Whelan

Designer: Jonathan Whelan

Illustrator: Jonathan Whelan